Freddie Roman

Freddie Roman stands at the peak of his comedy profession. A master entertainer, Freddie added important new career laurels for creating, packaging, and starring in Catskills on Broadway, a nostalgic a laugh-packed salute to the upstate New York region whose hotels spawned scores of America's foremost performers, writers, and directors. Catskills won critical and audience acclaim in New York on Broadway and on tour across the United States and Canada. Underscoring his growing presence in the entertainment world, Freddie was recently elected Dear or President of the New York Friars Club, the oldest and most influential brotherhood in the world of show business.

Freddie began as a teenage comic in various small resorts in the Catskills, but was forced to shelve his aspirations and become the proprietor of a ladies' shoe store in order to support a growing family. Although financially stable, Roman longed to return to the applause he earned as a young actor at New York University, various stock theaters in the Northeast, and at resorts in the Catskills. With the support of his wife and family, Roman returned to the world of comedy and rapidly became a hit in the New York area. His personable style and "everyman's" outlook at the world around him won him both fans and friends. Roman's reputation as a warm and witty monologist began to spread as his skill at relating to audiences grew. Coincidence often plays a part in show business careers: Freddie was fortunate enough to have the late Totie Fields in his audience one evening and funny enough to have the great comedienne in tears. She immediately added Freddie to her nationwide tour, although it was rare to have two comedians on the same show, and Roman began to develop national following. He has headlined at many of the major resorts across the country, including Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and Harrah's in Atlantic City. Freddie completed a one-year engagement at the Trump Castle in Atlantic City, starring in his own show Tonight Live. Roman has co-starred with Maureen Stapleton in Sweet Lorraine and has starred on his own TV special The Big Room for MTV's HA! TV Comedy Network.

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