Errol Dante

Combine the calm of Bing Crosby, the cool of Perry Como; the class of Maurice Chevalier, the sophistication of Tony Martin and you get the multi-talented Errol Dante.

Errol came up through the ranks of show business launching his career as a musician and dance-band singer. Soon after, he became the production singer at the then famous Copacabana, which gave him a showcase and played an important role in the next chapter of his burgeoning career. He branched out and beyond Manhattan as the feature singer in many of the most popular supper clubs and resort hotels throughout the Western world. Being versatile with a good mastery of his craft he toured the Unite States with various musicals and carried the leading roles in “Carousel” as Billy Bigelow and “Camelot” as Sir Lancelot. He also holds the record for number of performances (over 300) by a performer at the Concord Hotel.

His repertoire spans the vast spectrum of music from the old to the new, from Broadway to contemporary-rock, from America’s favorite standards to a large range of international favorites including Spanish, French, Italian, Hebrew, and Yiddish…….. an Internationally Acclaimed Performer, Indeed!

As one reviewer so aptly expressed himself, “The Errol Dante musical charm might best be described as ‘musicial vitality’!” He belts out a song with both passion and taste, with power and tenderness. Variety called his performance “Full Bodied and Rich Voiced.” Combining all of that with a fine sense of showmanship, Errol has won enthusiastic acclaim wherever he’s appeared.

His professionalism and ability as a performer earned him the respect not only of his audiences, but also that of his peers…. Don Cornell, Jerry Vale, Billy Daniels, and Tony Martin of whom Errol is a protégé. A singer’s singer, he has gained the respect of such notables as Sammy Cahn, Mitchell Parish, Jule Styne, William B. Williams and George Barrie. Hence, Errol Dante was accepted into the Friar’s Club. As an active member in good standing Errol has been invited by the Friars to perform in several major functions as well as sit on the dais, considered a seat of recognition and honor. Errol also sang at Madison Square Garden for an internationally televised championship fight.

With ability of near total recall, a keen wit, good timing and clear delivery combined with his vibrant, voluminous voice Errol’s possibilities are endless. His performances always leave you with a feeling of an evening well spent. Music is Errol Dante’s avocation as well as vocation. He does it with heart, soul and more importantly, he does it well.

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