Billy Frye

There are many different harmonicas with a vast array of sounds, Billy plays them all. He uses a computer to record one harmonica (track) at a time as well as other keyboard effects. When playing back all the tracks on stage, you hear an amazing sound!

Watching Billy perform is an experience of great pleasure, the musical sounds are thrilling and his uniqueness is unmatched.
His repertoire is diversified and the arrangements are his own. Billy has performed at the famous palace theatre, as well as the Radio City Music Hall. He toured with the USO Camp Shows, and was a featured performer with the Worlds Famous Water Follies. Guest appearances with Jay Leno, Johnny Carson and Caesars Palace. Commercials for Miller Beer, Gigged on the cruise ships for Carnival, RCCL and Holland American Lines.

Opened for the stars such as Streisand, King, Joel, Mathis and Rickles. A great favorite at the famous Century Village Theatres in Florida.

Billy Frye is a great opener, closer and always steals the applause! He is a self-contained one-man show.

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