Vladimir Zaitsev is an award-winning concert pianist with a Cheshire cat sense of humor. A native of Kiev, Ukraine, he performed on four continents, including appearance in Carnegie Hall with International Symphony, and a number of TV and Radio appearances. His solo repertoire includes works from the classical as well as from popular culture, presented in an informal and lighthearted style. Any one performance includes well-known piano masterpieces, Mr. Zaitsev's own insightful and virtuosic piano arrangements, and his vocal renditions of well-known Broadway, pop, and international favorites.

Vladimir presents an entertaining and informative program that equally appeals to audiences of various age groups and cultural backgrounds. Using his versatile and charismatic talents, he creates a singular one man show in which the audience is presented with a dazzling pianism, heartfelt vocal renditions, and a sparkling mix of delightful musical, historical and personal anecdotes, spontaneous dialogs with the audience and perfectly timed off-hand remarks and observations. He is both charming and awesome at the same time.

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