The Village People

Village People

The one-of-a-kind Village People is synonymous with dance music. These six talented men combine energetic choreography with outrageous fun and lots of bumping and grinding, singing and dancing – great entertainment for all!

The First Decade

Producer/Composer Jacques Morali found Felipe dancing in his Indian costume in a crowd in NY's Greenwich Village. Felipe's special visual attraction brought the idea to mind to put together a group of Village icons from various American social groups.

Soon after, Morali saw Victor Willis in Broadway's The Wiz and Victor brought along Alex Briley to play a G.I. With partner Henri Belolo. Morali held auditions for 3 more performers and the Village People was formed.

In addition to Alexander Briley, David Hodo, Glenn Hughes, Jeff Olson, Felipe Rose and Ray Simpson, from 1977 through 1985, short-term Village People included Miles Jaye, Randy Jones, Mark Lee, Ray Stephens and Victor Willis.

Madonna and Joan Rivers are among artists who have appeared as opening acts for Village People in Las Vegas, Madison Square Garden, Japan's Budokan, Sidney's Hordern Pavilion and Hollywood's Greek Theatre. VP's co-star with Michael Jackson in LA's Palladium.

Village People star in their own 1980 major feature movie Can't Stop the Music co-starring Steve Guttenberg, Bruce Jenner, Valerie Perrine, Paul Sand, June Havoc, Tammy Grimes and directed by Nancy Walker. It remains a popular cult film around the world.

Village People are on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine (twice) and are featured in Guinness Book of Hits, Time, Playboy, Playgirl, GQ, US, People, Paris Match, World Book Encyclopedia, Dick Clark's 26 Years of Rock 'n Roll & hundreds more. Television appearances include The Love Boat, Bob Hope Show, 20/20 (twice), American Bandstand, Solid Gold, Soul Train, Midnight Special and dozens more in more than 20 countries.

The Second Decade

After a short break from the rigors of touring in 1986, during which time some of the members explored individual careers, Village People regrouped under the banner of Sixuvus ("six of us") Ltd. Finally their own bosses, and with the help of a new management team, Village People has built an amazing success story of live performances worldwide, new young audiences, television and video appearances, and industry respect.

Of the originating and long-term members, Ray, David, Felipe, Jeff and Alex continued on. Glenn is still active with the business of Sixuvus Ltd. but, as of 1997, is currently on hiatus from performing. In his place is the group's newest member Eric Anzalone.

Village People wrote and now perform in their show a new classic entitled Trash Disco, a tribute to the many artists and dance hits which are now a memorable part of the disco era. They recorded in 1990 on CBS Records-Australia the top ten hit, “Living in the Wildlife”, and in 1996 sang with the German Soccer Team on the BMG Records-Germany the number one hit Far Away in America.

Their hits have been heard on dozens of recent major motion pictures including Up Periscope, Wayne’s World 2, Adams Family Values and In and Out. They have performed in recent years on the Jay Leno Show, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, Oprah, and Married with Children. Broadway's biggest hit The Producers includes a send-up of Village People.

They were the half-time entertainment for Australia's Rugby Grand Finals seen by more people than the Super Bowl. Their music is played during the seven-inning stretch at dozens of baseball games and they often entertain sports fans with live performances following soccer and hockey games as well. Village People's recent national tour included NYC's Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall, and LA's Greek Theatre. They have just completed a unique documentary sharing music and culture with Australia's aborigines entitled Village People Go West Down Under. Both VH-1 and MTV have featured Village People on recent programs.

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