Vic Arnell

Vic Arnell is original! His comedy embraces all... from Mr. and Mrs. Joe Doakes from Oshkosh to the La-De-Da's from the big city. His humor is clean, cliché free, and full of on-the-mark observations that trigger genuine, old-fashioned belly laughs.
Vic Arnell is a Visual Experience! He's very tall and slender, with hair slicked back, an earring in one ear, and a walrus mustache that dances crazily over his ever-energizing lip. He projects an image that is at once attractive and interesting... and watching him reconfirms that impression.

Vic Arnell has shared the stage with Tom Jones on his World Tours for five years and has appeared with Liza Minelli, Barry Manilow, Gladys Knight and the Pips, and Engelbert Humperdink on his 25th Anniversary Tour.

Vic has appeared in hundreds of television commercials, two of which, "The Inept Tennis Player" for the Concord Hotel an "The Greek Fisherman" for Listerine Mouthwash, have earned him Cleo Award nominations; advertising's equivalent to the Oscars.

Vic Arnell is the funny friend who keeps you laughing from the moment he comes on until the moment he leaves... with the universal comment, "this has to be what entertainment is all about!"

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