Born Steven Charles Pickman in Miami Beach, Florida, and raised in Great Neck, Long Island, Sarge attended Boston University, where he majored in Advertising and Broadcast Journalism. After graduation and a brief stint in the fashion world as a modeling agent, Sarge spent four years in the world of network sports television behind the scenes for ABC, CBS, and ESPN.

Realizing he'd never get in front of the camera looking through the lens, Sarge decided to give stand-up comedy a shot and it has paid off handsomely. Pulling from his childhood, Sarge relates stories of being a young black child adopted by a Jewish couple and sent to an all-white prep school where only sport to be involved with was crew. His comedy is extremely high energy and is complete in both look and style. Sarge blends his autobiographical stories with his impressions and some pretty mean piano playing, creating a most entertaining live stage show. Most remently, Sarge was selected by Donna Summer herself to be the opening act on her sold-out national summer tour.

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