Clint Holmes

If you ask people like Bill Cosby, Joan Rivers, Don Rickles, and Tony Orlando, they'll tell you Clint Holmes is destined for stardom. Their admiration for this handsome singer with the powerful voice is not just lip-service. In recent years, each one of these top stars has invited Holmes to perform with them innumerable times all across America. America's top nightclub stars predict big things for Holmes for two reasons. First, the richness and range of his voice and high-energy presence electrifies audiences, always leaving them highly charged and pleased. Secondly, through years of studying the art of entertaining, Holmes has learned how to utilize his voice to reach the audience. He virtually views his voice as though it was a musical instrument. Holmes is also totally natural on stage, stemming from an ability to be open and honest with his audience.

In May 1986, Holmes became a special correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. What makes Holmes' coverage on ET different is his unique role as a performer/journalist. He approaches each story from the perspective of a performer viewing aspects of the industry. His coverage involves interviews with celebrities, stories on industry events, and looks at people behind the scenes - agents, makeup people, managers, attorneys, and executives. Holmes has been a staple in Washington, D.C. and in Atlantic City, as well as opening regularly for Bill Cosby. Holmes also records. A few years ago he scored a Top-10 hit, Playground in my Mind, which sold 2.5 million copies. His may television appearances include The Tonight Show, The Emmy Awards, and the Miss America and the Miss Universe pageants.

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